Neighborhood Improvement Programs
ARCH Development is dedicated in playing a key role in the revitalization of Anacostia. It's programs include:

Small Business Assistance: ADC provides business consulting services to Anacostia's current business owners to retain and/or expand their services; to develop tenants or buyers for vacant property owners; to develop new businesses in the arts and creative economy economic sectors and to provide all property owners with analyses of their buildings for the potential to install energy conservation and solar applications. As part of this project, ADC has implemented Eat Shop Live Anacostia (ESLA.) ESLA is a neighborhood marketing and empowerment campaign designed specifically for Anacostia. The program’s goal is to present Anacostia as the wonderful community it is in which to live, shop and have fun. ESLA is composed of several parts:

Website: A fresh, vibrant and interactive website/blog about life in Anacostia including dining options, retail, non-profits, schools, museums, historical attractions, etc. It will regularly highlight Anacostia businesses, organizations and events:

Branding: An Eat Shop Live Anacostia logo has been crafted which incorporates the wonderful historical aspects of Anacostia with a fresh, modern twist. Stores taking part in ESLA display the logo as well as hand out free Eat Shop Live Anacostia reusable bags!

Community Incentive Cards: Much like loyalty cards at supermarkets and department stores the Eat Shop Live Anacostia incentive cards will allow recipients to receive incentives from local merchants and businesses as well as gain access to special ESLA events.

To learn more about Eat Shop Live Anacostia or to become a participant contact: Nikki Peele
(202) 536-8994 or  Duane Gautier (202) 889-5000.

Store Front Improvement: Under a grant from the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD,) ADC works with owners of Anacostia businesses and properties to design new facades or upgrade facades for their buildings. This is part of an effort to improve both the physical aspects of Anacostia and the negative perception of the neighborhood.

Business Development Projects: ADC operates The HIVE designed to help replace traditional office space with money-saving alternatives. The HIVE office solution provides commercial office space, conference rooms by the hour, remote and on-site receptionist services, capable and professional administrative support and much more. The HIVE features a range of office space options on a “pay for only for what office space and office services you use." The facility is located in Anacostia on two floors at 2027 MLK, Jr. Ave. SE. The space is located in a federal and District of Columbia government enterprise community, as well as a federal Small Business Administration- HUB Zone. The facility is ideally located within a short walk from the metro, bus stop at the door, easy access to downtown, the Navy Yard, the new Department of Homeland Security facility and Capitol Hill. There is free abundant street parking. The HIVE serves as a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurial and business training for East of River and DC small businesses and artists. The HIVE provides a variety of business planning, marketing and administrative services.

Creative Economy: ADC is working on two new development projects; a solar photovoltaic installation company and a green technology manufacturing business. ADC takes an ownership stake in both of these business development projects. The retained earnings of these projects are used to support ADC's arts projects.

Using a grant from US Health and Human Services Community Economic Development Program, ADC is working with Housing Evaluations Plus (HEP.) ADC and HEP will establish an Anacostia-based energy services company, and will work with investment partners to develop a photovoltaic solar, module-line manufacturing company.

ADC is funded, in part by the DC Department of Housing & Community Development.